Feb 15th – No More Empty Talk, No More Empty Lots

*** To receive updates about the Olympic Tent Village as of Feb 15 check breaking news street reporting at: http://2010.mediacoop.ca/

– please forward widely –

No More Empty Talk, No More Empty Lots.

* February 15th, noon at Pigeon Park (Carrall and Hastings, Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories).

Rally with all our neighbours and supporters. Organized by DTES Women Centre Power of Women Group, with over 60 endorsing groups. Food will be served. For more information email project@dewc.ca, or call 778 885 0040

* Support the grassroots, autonomous “Olympic Tent Village”. Endorsed by Streams of Justice.

Stay the evening, night, and/or morning after the rally to protect the Tent Village, especially the first 24-72 hours. For more information, email streamsofjustice@gmail.com or call 604-253-1782

The upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics has escalated the homelessness crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and the Greater Vancouver area. Since the Olympic bid, homelessness has nearly tripled in the GVRD, while real estate and condominium development in the Downtown Eastside is outpacing social housing by a rate of 3:1. Meanwhile, a heightened police presence has further criminalized those living in extreme material poverty in the poorest postal code in Canada.

With the eyes of the world on Vancouver, residents of the Downtown Eastside and our supporters will be taking the streets to affirm our call for justice and dignity. We want:
1. Real action to end homelessness now
2. End condo development and displacement in the Downtown Eastside
3. End discriminatory ticketing, police harassment, and all forms of criminalization of poverty.

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=291013281952&ref=ts
Website: https://olympictentvillage.wordpress.com/

No more empty talk and no more empty lots.


5 responses to “Feb 15th – No More Empty Talk, No More Empty Lots

  1. i am so proud of all the people who stand for truth, social justice, and i pray for peace within those who hold the power!

  2. where will the tent city be as i want to drop off food after work on monday night at 6pm. please email the location and i’ll bring granola bars, cookies, crackers and peanut butter.

  3. i’m in halifax and would love nothing else than to be there with you!! we’re organizing a day of solidarity on Feb 13th here, so please know you have the support of the east coast. We are with you guys all the way. Keep up the amazing work and take care of yourselves!

  4. I wish I could be there. Due to health problems couldnt travel. My prayers, love and support go out to you brave strong activists!! I have been an native activists for over 30 years. I still do it, because who in the hell is going to if we dont.

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