Olympic Tent Village Day 2 – 9 am

The Olympic Tent Village has been going strong, thanks to the community effort to support and defend it. Over 50 people camped out, at least half of whom were homeless and/or residents in the DTES in precarious housing situations. DTES residents dropped in through the night to warm up and eat. There were some police patrols, but no incidents with law enforcement. We still need donations of chairs, firewood, tents, tarps, wood, sleeping bags and blankets at the site (58 West Hastings).

Some media from this morning:

Photo set Olympic Tent City
Article: Vancouver’s Eastside Olympics
Article: Tent Villagers Protest Games
Article: Protesters Erect Tent City in Downtown Eastside Lot


3 responses to “Olympic Tent Village Day 2 – 9 am

  1. Good to hear you are going strong. Hope to be back soon. Homes not Highways. Solidarity.

  2. well I am happy to say, there has been no violence up to this point. glad people are exercising their rights to have a home and camp out to keep a roof over their heads. if one person can only handle being out in the elements for a short period of time, how much more devastating is it to be out there on a regular basis, food for thought.

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