Tent Village in the media (Feb 15)

‘No More Empty Promises, No More Empty Lots’ Vancouver Media Co-op
‘Olympic Tent Village opened in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside’ rabble.ca
‘Housing march and tent city keeps focus on the real message: homelessness’ State of Vancouver
‘Olympic Tent Village goes up downtown drawing attention to homelessness’ Shot In Vancouver
‘Another rally for housing hits Vancouver’ 24hrs Vancouver
‘Tent Village to draw attention to plight of homeless’ The Province
‘Poet laureate joins homeless protest’ Globe and Mail
‘Protesters set up tent city in Vancouver’ Global BC
‘Games organizers left down-and-out Downtown Eastside out’ Dallas News


2 responses to “Tent Village in the media (Feb 15)

  1. Dallas News: Games organizers left down-and-out Eastside behind


    About 100 protestors set up a tent city in an abandoned parking lot Monday.

    They hung signs and banners on the chain-link fence surrounding the lot that read “Olympic Tent Village,” “Homes Not Games” and “Resist The 2010 Corporate Circus.”

    They’re angry over broken promises from the provincial government and VANOC.

    For example, 100 units of housing in the Olympic Village were supposed to be used for low-income housing once the Olympics end. The city is no longer guaranteeing it will happen.

  2. I am an American videojournalist, and I recently completed the video I made about the Tent Village during my trip to the Olympics. Please check out the link below, and share widely – the more people that see this, the better!

    Keep up the fight,


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