Media update

VIDEOS: Hear from Tent Village occupants/DTES residents


‘DTES Residents highlight housing needs by occupying VANOC lot’, VMC
*** ‘Undercover Cops Removed from Tent City’ Vancouver Media Co-op
‘Anti-Olympic protesters in tent village wont’ be evicted yet’ The Province
‘Homeless activists set up Tent City’ The Toronto Sun
‘No Games Glamour in Vancouver’s Tent City’, The Toronto Star
‘Vancouver’s Eastside Olympics’


‘Poetry, music and resistance – anti-olympic tent village occupies VANOC parking lot’


3 responses to “Media update

  1. Hastings this evening (across from Save-on-Meats) for great acoustic concert. The show starts at 7pm on the nose, and we’ll hopefully be wrapping things up around 10pm. Remember: the tent city is an alcohol- and drug-free space, so don’t bring that stuff in with you. If you want to consume those sorts of things, do them before you get there.
    Most importantly: BE COOL and HAVE FUN!

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