Tent Village Voice – Issue 1

Read the newsletter of the Tent Village, Tent Village Voice. Download here

Village Voice ISSUE1


8 responses to “Tent Village Voice – Issue 1

  1. Congratulations on issue one of Tent Village Voice.
    Strong and dignified are the two words that came to mind first. Carry on and COURAGE!

  2. The Tent Village’s commitment and spirit is deeply inspiring. Congratulations on this first issue! I respect the courage of Peter, Stella, and the many residents who are standing up for justice. Thank you for holding governments and corporations accountable for the social housing that was planned and promised.

  3. fantastic newsletter!

  4. Yo, this tent city is some sick shit and I’m really happy for y’all. Keep up the good work, peace.

  5. Nice work and I’m glad you used my photos, but please credit The Blackbird next time. I support the Village.

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