Support Tent Village

UPDATE:  The Olympic Tent Village has been set up at 58 West Hastings, an empty lot owned by notorious condo developer Concord Pacific, currently being leased by VANOC as a parking lot for the Olympics.

*** The Olympic Tent Village needs your support ***

The Olympic Tent Village, a grassroots and autonomous community effort, which will be public on Feb 15th will need YOUR support and solidarity to keep going! We are relying on the determination of the DTES community and the strength of our supporters during the Olympic period.

We need:

– Tarps
– Tents
– Blankets, foams, and sleeping bags (for DTES and/or homeless residents)
– Water
– Non perishable food items (granola bars, trail mixes, peanut butter, rice, beans, couscous etc)
– Cameras
– Recorders
– Books, magazines
– Bus tickets
– Cigarettes, rolling paper


– If your organization, group of friends, or community network can commit to a six hour supporter shift (6 am to noon, noon to 6 pm, 6 pm to midnight, midnight to 6 am) with a presence of 8 people, please let us know. We definitely need to ensure a high presence during night times when we are most vulnerable to law enforcement activity.

– Host an art workshop, performances, storytelling or poetry evening to facilitate the building of connection and community.

This is a critical time to take concrete action about the ongoing poverty, homelessness, and criminalization in the DTES, which cannot be sanitized or hidden for the Olympics. Once the Tent Village is up (and public), FEB. 15th, we encourage you to please stop by.

Thank you for your support. Please respond to us at the contacts below if you are able to donate any of the above items and would like to arrange pick up/drop off.

Dave Diewert
Streams of Justice
Phone: 604-253-1782

DONATION DROP OFFS: Baaad Anna’s: – 2667 East Hastings St., Vancouver.
Monday – Sunday (11 am to 6 pm). 604-255-2577


5 responses to “Support Tent Village

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to do something I believe in, and hope this makes the impact it is intended to do! will be there with bells on!

  2. Thanks for being there!!! I wish I could join you. I’m expecting a bit on money soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to donate a little……

  3. Keep up the fight.. Homes not Games.. The people of vancouvers’ poor and lower income have a voice .. And all of us if we use this right.. I think we can change what social policies have been neglected for so long.. I am proud of every single person who is in this fight for a basic right of a roof over our heads food in our bellies and a few dollars in our pockets.. And it wont cost 6.6 billion dollars.. But community support can change the attitude of many.. Cheers.

  4. Keep up the good work. Together we stand, as one strong voice. I attended the Poverty Olympics as I had a personal matter to tend to, while I was in Vancouver. I live in Winnipeg and am active in the Grassroots work here. Keep sounding your voice. It will be heard.

  5. God bless you!! Thank you for being our real heroes…. You are the ones who deserve medals.

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